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Easily share apps and transfer apk files between android devices with any of the following free apps. Super fast and easy to use.
Apps to Share Apk for Android

Transferring files between Android devices should be an extremely simple and straightforward process given how common it is to use. While there are all kinds of tools that use different protocols for this purpose, few are as fast and convenient and lets you send all kinds of files including the apk files between smartphones.

5 best Android apps to share apps and transfer Apk files to other devices.
1. SuperBeam | WiFi Direct Share
Price: Free with ads

Superbeam is a super fast and handy application that allows you to transfer any kind of files between two devices using WiFi Direct. You can share all types of files including photos, videos, ZIPs and APKs files. The process is very simple and in amazing speed, you can pair the devices by using QR codes and NFC, if the devices support it. It will be necessary that the 2 devices are connected to the same WiFi network.

Download SuperBeam

2. AppWererabbit Backup
Price: Free

AppWererabbit is one if the best android apps to manage apk files. It is an all in one tool for virtually have full control over all applications installed on the mobile as well as help manage APK files on your device. You can back up, export, import and manage your Android APK files. It also allows you to pass those applications that support App2SD can move to SD card, share interesting applications with friends, Send apk files to cloud storage, do cache cleaning both manually and automatically, search the device’s storage for .apk files for installation or renaming, can even rename batch, and other characteristics.

Download AppWererabbit Backup

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3. App / SMS / Contact – Backup & Restore
Price: Free with ads

App Backup & Restore is a perfect solution for you if you need to backup apps or simply want to keep the .apk file. With its pretty intuitive UI, you can save the apk files by just tapping it. You can even send the file via e-mail and have it stored in the cloud. It should mention that this application is not able to perform the backup of your application data, and that alone makes the application clean in apk format.

Download App Backup & Restore

4. Share Music & Transfer Files – Xender
Price: Free

This application stands out because it does not require any active 3G or data connection because everything you need is an Android phone that supports WiFi. Once installed you must create a profile and then pair your phone with another device using the same application. Then users can transfer files via WiFi simply by waving their phones or even install Android applications quickly. With the app, everything can be transferred: contacts, files, images, music, videos and and also the APK. This application allows sending and receiving data without reconnection or complications.

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